Better opportunities make us a better consultancy. We work with some of the best blue-chips and start-up companies. Finding a job that suits your technical skills, in a company that suits your personality. We are not interested in simply filling vacancies.

Our business depends on finding the best people for our clients so we only send out a very small number of CVs per job. This means you can be sure we will only put you forward for roles that match both your experience and personality.

You will always be advised by a fully accredited consultant at Arcon Recruitment.

We will never take any action on your behalf without consulting you first, unless previously agreed with you.

We will offer you interview preparation and full briefing prior to attending an interview with any of our clients.

Last, but by no means least, we believe in being straight with candidates.

We will consult you before we send your CV to a client and we will never push you towards a job that you are not 100% sure about. In fact we treat you with all the care and attention we show our clients, so much so that many of our candidates become our clients in their time

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